How To Make Your Event The Social Media “Talk Of The Town”

The days of promoting your event in trade journals and direct mail is a thing of the past.  you must go where the people are and social media is the medium that will get you there. These helpful tips will engage your target audience and get them excited for your next event.

Choose An Event Platform Or Build Registration Landing Page 

  • Before you build the social media “spokes” of the wheel, you need to construct the “hub”.
  • Decide on an internal landing page with a registration form or use an event platform such as Eventbrite.  This site does all the work for you. Eventbrite will register your guests, provide badge templates and track your fundraising efforts.  Less work for you, the better right?

 Blog About Your Upcoming Event

  • Blogging about your event provides your guests with all the details they need to make a decision. Be sure the content is engaging and shareable. Give them every reason why they SHOULD attend your event.
  • WordPress blogs tend to rank very high in Google searches. If you include the right search phrases and keywords, people will find your event.

 Drive Attendees To Your Event “Hub” Via Social Media

  • Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn are free promotional tools that you must utilize for your event to be successful
  • Build Facebook & LinkedIn Event Pages
  • Choose an event #hash tag and promote your event on Twitter.  Make sure to do your hash tag research. You want to be unique and cut through all the “noise”.  Your attendees will then use the hash tag when they tweet about your event which is all FREE promotion.
  • Engage your followers on social media with interesting content and converse with them. Nobody likes a company who talks about themselves all the time.

 Monitor Your Efforts

  • Use statistical tools such as Google Analytics to see what channels people are using to find your content. What posts have the most engagement? What on your blog is struggling for attention?
  • Be sure to adjust on the fly.

 Have Your Attendees Talk Up Your Event In Real Time

  • The true beauty of social media is that people can express their feelings and opinions in real time you can learn so much about your event as it happens. Be sure to monitor your event #hash tag via monitoring tools such as Radian 6 to see all the chatter, good & bad about your event. This information is invaluable in assessing the success of your efforts.

Hope these social media tips help you to bring your event to the next level and make it the social media “Talk Of The Town”.