Should You Unleash A Social Media Blitzkrieg On Your Audience?

blitz·krieg  (bltskrg)

n. A swift, sudden military offensive, usually by combined air and mobile land forces.

No and Yes….it all really depends on two key factors: your target audience & content objectives.

When planning your social media marketing program, you must identify who you want to reach and with what message. This will dictate the type of content you want to create and share.

Do you want to unveil your company’s latest offering over a series of photos? If so, platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are ideal image sharing channels.  However, posting the same visual content to Twitter may not have the same effect, due to its quick burst nature.  Your audience may never see some of the photos.

So pick your battles and don’t try to win the war all at once. Just like any army, you need to have defined objectives and applicable tactics.  You must have available resources to monitor and engage your targets. There will be collateral damage if your customers react and there is radio silence.

Now with that being said, your business objectives may call for an all-out social media blitzkrieg across all channels.  Perhaps you are running a contest to give away an all expensed paid trip to the Caribbean. You want to get the word out to as many of customers by any and all means necessary.

Be sure to tailor the content to the specific social media channels that you are going to utilize. Produce beach themed videos varying in length on Vine, YouTube & Vimeo to build excitement. Post virtual postcards on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.  Write a blog for your website and Tumblr promoting the “Top 10 things You Could Be Doing In The Caribbean Today”. Tweet the blog link for people to visit your site and enter the contest.

Seems like a lot work?

Because it is.

With a social media blitzkrieg, you are unleashing content in a swift manner. The objective is simple, to engage as many people as possible at one fell swoop. Promoting the Caribbean contest across different social media channels simultaneously, keeps the promotion and your brand at the front of the consumer’s mind.

They will identify your company with the contest, so be sure to handle it with kid gloves.

In closing, if you decide to launch your “social media blitzkrieg”, be sure to have the infrastructure in place to avoid any break downs and address any issues. Because if you spread yourself out too thin, your efforts will end in defeat.