Should You Unleash A Social Media Blitzkrieg On Your Audience?

blitz·krieg  (bltskrg)

n. A swift, sudden military offensive, usually by combined air and mobile land forces.

No and Yes….it all really depends on two key factors: your target audience & content objectives.

When planning your social media marketing program, you must identify who you want to reach and with what message. This will dictate the type of content you want to create and share.

Do you want to unveil your company’s latest offering over a series of photos? If so, platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are ideal image sharing channels.  However, posting the same visual content to Twitter may not have the same effect, due to its quick burst nature.  Your audience may never see some of the photos.

So pick your battles and don’t try to win the war all at once. Just like any army, you need to have defined objectives and applicable tactics.  You must have available resources to monitor and engage your targets. There will be collateral damage if your customers react and there is radio silence.

Now with that being said, your business objectives may call for an all-out social media blitzkrieg across all channels.  Perhaps you are running a contest to give away an all expensed paid trip to the Caribbean. You want to get the word out to as many of customers by any and all means necessary.

Be sure to tailor the content to the specific social media channels that you are going to utilize. Produce beach themed videos varying in length on Vine, YouTube & Vimeo to build excitement. Post virtual postcards on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.  Write a blog for your website and Tumblr promoting the “Top 10 things You Could Be Doing In The Caribbean Today”. Tweet the blog link for people to visit your site and enter the contest.

Seems like a lot work?

Because it is.

With a social media blitzkrieg, you are unleashing content in a swift manner. The objective is simple, to engage as many people as possible at one fell swoop. Promoting the Caribbean contest across different social media channels simultaneously, keeps the promotion and your brand at the front of the consumer’s mind.

They will identify your company with the contest, so be sure to handle it with kid gloves.

In closing, if you decide to launch your “social media blitzkrieg”, be sure to have the infrastructure in place to avoid any break downs and address any issues. Because if you spread yourself out too thin, your efforts will end in defeat.



This Old Marketing Department: How To Streamline & “Rebuild Rome”

Sometimes when you start a new job, it’s more a fixer upper than a million dollar home. Leaky roof. Bad plumbing. Weed infested lawn. You may need to roll up your sleeves and get dirty to make your dream home a reality.

The same can be said for a marketing department.

Tradeshow assets are in shambles. Databases are not accurate and centralized. Dependable vendors are not in place.

This is the time to roll up your sleeves.

In two of my past jobs, this was definitely the case. I spend weeks and months streamlining and cleaning up marketing departments that had no rhyme or reason.

In one case, the marketing department was moved from Florida and arrived in cardboard boxes.

The tradeshow equipment was damaged or outdated.

The budget historicals were inaccurate and marketing files were littered all over the server.

I spent the first few months conducting inventory on tradeshow equipment and replacing the old with the new. I constructed a folder system on my laptop/server so all marketing historicals and files could be found by the click of a mouse.

There was no one to train me, so I had to make due on my own. It was a one man show.

Both companies, had no one to show me the ropes. I had minimal training and guidance.

I taught myself.

I constructed my own systems.

I read up on product information.

I got familiar with the products and competitors in the space.

The bottom line is the company wants you perform and perform well with no excuses. They don’t care if they gave you the marble; they expect you to build Rome.

I planned the tradeshows & ordered equipment.

Set up logistics and even loaded the show equipment myself. I learned CRM software. I constructed accurate and centralized databases.

I put together media libraries. I accumulated videos and pictures which were used for collateral.

I implemented Web 2.0 tactics such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube.

I maintained accurate budgets when past historicals were inaccurate.

I surrounded myself with dependable vendors, partners, and colleagues.

I adapted to my environment and you have to as well. These are the golden opportunities that you can’t pass up.

You may get frustrated and think no one cares. However, if you can leave a job and say the department is in better shape than when you arrived, that’s pretty gratifying. I am now seeking another fixer upper to make into a marketing mansion.


Be An Event Marketing Maven: Tips For A Successful Users Conference

Ok. You are in Vegas and you have 45 clients coming for a user’s conference. What do you need to do?

1. Be organized.

Make sure all your ducks are in a row. Have a binder handy with all the important information such as hotel reservations, catering contracts, shipping info, etc. oh yeah make sure you have contact info for ever person touching your conference. Hotel staff, co-workers, event personnel, or even the bus driver, you have no room for error!

2. Plan your days step by step.

I call it a run of show. It’s my daily task list. Did I confirm the bus for the dinner Monday night? Check. Did I book a room for one of my clients who registered last night? Check. Did my brochures arrive? Check. Follow your list and adjust on the fly if necessary.

3. Once you double and triple checked everything, its implementation and execution time.

Has your demo equipment arrived? Is your LCD projector functioning? Are your speakers and their presentations ready to roll? If so, its showtime!

4. After the daily meetings have adjourned, make sure your attendees are reminded of all planned social activities.

I recommend an email prior to the conference and daily reminders at the conclusion of the meeting are always helpful. Make sure you communicate all the who, what, and where’s. Too much info is never bad especially after a long day of mental acrobats.

5. At the social events, gather intel.

See if your clients are having fun or rather be doing their laundry. I try to read facial expressions and their interaction with other attendees and staff. You need to mingle people! You will never know what it’s like in the trenches unless you get a little muddy!

6. Your attendees/customers/clients or whatever definition you have for the folks that make your business successful, they must feel that you and your staff are on their level.

They need to feel comfortable chatting with you or sharing a drink. My strategy is that I am here for them. I want to make them happy and feel they are amongst friends. EVERY client is important to me whether they are VIP’s or have only spent $1000 with my company. It’s all about relationships! Business relationships expire after time, but friendships endure!

7. Thank you!  Thank you!

Tell your attendees this at the conference and after the week has concluded. A simple email thanking them makes the client feel warm and fuzzy all over again. Wow this company really cares about me! There is no room for the out of sight, out of mind mentality in business. Customers must feel important at all times, as they should. Good customer service skills are paramount even at a user’s conference!

8. Getting praise from your external and internal customers makes the long days and nights worth it all!

Nothing like executing a successful event! You get that instant gratification and you can look back and say “I hit the ball out of the park!” When someone takes time to thank me, I can take time to go one step even higher. I usually send them a cool premium as a “you’re welcome” gift. Go above and beyond!

9. Always think ahead to next year.

Take notes on what worked and what didn’t. We all want to get better right? Keep plugging and polishing those skills! Time for batting practice so you can hit that ball out of the park again!


How To Make Your Event The Social Media “Talk Of The Town”

The days of promoting your event in trade journals and direct mail is a thing of the past.  you must go where the people are and social media is the medium that will get you there. These helpful tips will engage your target audience and get them excited for your next event.

Choose An Event Platform Or Build Registration Landing Page 

  • Before you build the social media “spokes” of the wheel, you need to construct the “hub”.
  • Decide on an internal landing page with a registration form or use an event platform such as Eventbrite.  This site does all the work for you. Eventbrite will register your guests, provide badge templates and track your fundraising efforts.  Less work for you, the better right?

 Blog About Your Upcoming Event

  • Blogging about your event provides your guests with all the details they need to make a decision. Be sure the content is engaging and shareable. Give them every reason why they SHOULD attend your event.
  • WordPress blogs tend to rank very high in Google searches. If you include the right search phrases and keywords, people will find your event.

 Drive Attendees To Your Event “Hub” Via Social Media

  • Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn are free promotional tools that you must utilize for your event to be successful
  • Build Facebook & LinkedIn Event Pages
  • Choose an event #hash tag and promote your event on Twitter.  Make sure to do your hash tag research. You want to be unique and cut through all the “noise”.  Your attendees will then use the hash tag when they tweet about your event which is all FREE promotion.
  • Engage your followers on social media with interesting content and converse with them. Nobody likes a company who talks about themselves all the time.

 Monitor Your Efforts

  • Use statistical tools such as Google Analytics to see what channels people are using to find your content. What posts have the most engagement? What on your blog is struggling for attention?
  • Be sure to adjust on the fly.

 Have Your Attendees Talk Up Your Event In Real Time

  • The true beauty of social media is that people can express their feelings and opinions in real time you can learn so much about your event as it happens. Be sure to monitor your event #hash tag via monitoring tools such as Radian 6 to see all the chatter, good & bad about your event. This information is invaluable in assessing the success of your efforts.

Hope these social media tips help you to bring your event to the next level and make it the social media “Talk Of The Town”.


How Three Large Companies Gave Me The Social Media “Cold Shoulder”

As I marketer and a consumer, I know how vital customer service is especially “social” customer service. companies are using social media to distribute content and to engage their customers. People no longer want to be talked at on Facebook & Twitter, they want to have a conversation. They want the companies to listen to them, no matter how big or small they are.

If you are not “listening” AKA monitoring your customer base through social media, just delete your accounts now because you are failing.

Just recently, I worked on a project for Dancing Deer Baking company out of Boston, Massachusetts. What we strived to accomplish was to build up their social media presence but also form a thriving community. And I am happy to say, mission accomplished.

Their Facebook fans and Twitter followers are enjoying the delicious content and the speedy response to any customer service issues they may have. Dancing Deer is “listening” to their customers not giving them the social media “cold shoulder”.

Unfortunately, other companies have not following in Dancing Deer’s social customer service hoof steps.

Last Fall, I was craving Taco Bell’s Doritos taco. After going through the drive thru, I was stuck with a glass or a taco half full.

Two weeks passed and not a peep from @Tacobell, who currently has over 345K Twitter followers.

Evidently, they are not “listening” and lacking considerably in the social customer service department.
Now Taco Bell is not the only company that left me at the social media station. Skechers shoes is also on my list of giving the social “cold shoulder”.

I bought a pair of Skechers shoes less than two years ago and they were falling apart at the seams. There is no way my toes should be exposed in a pair of shoes less than 24 months old. So I decided to take a picture of my faulty footwear and tweet it to @skechersusa (over 15k followers).

And guess what? All I got was wind blowing through the social media canyons. No response, no apology just silence.

If Skechers just responded and tried to remedy the situation, I may not have bought my replacement shoes from Reebok.

Just another case of a missed opportunity to right a wrong.

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